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F14 Tomcat Caution Panel DCS USB Controller

F14 Tomcat Caution Panel USB Controller Perfect for Flight Sim Gamers after more Realism.

$130.00 AUD

Built to Order - Please Allow 10 – 20 days

If you love flying the F14 Tomcat, enhance the experience with the  F14 Tomcat Caution Panel DCS USB Controller by your side.

This unit is a plug and play USB controller that MUST be setup to use DCSBIOS to work with F14 DCS Module.

Video of the Unit in action with DCS F14 Module with DCSBIOS running


Perfect for a Flight Sim Gamer who wants some more immersion in their Tomcat flights.

The F14 Tomcat Caution Panel is 146.05 mm Wide x 152.4 mm High, perfect for mounting into an F14 Tomcat Cockpit Build.

This unit does not have an enclosure with an exposed PCB and arduino at the back and requires you to come up with a way to mounting if not going into a full cockpit build.
This until will also be able to be driven from the F14 ECS Panel saving you a USB port.

The lighting is a nice bright Yellow or Green allowing you to easily see what caution needs your attention and the text is precision laser engraved.

If you have any questions please contact me for further information.

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