AH-64 Apache Pilot Lighting Controller

USD$ 118.71

AH-64 Apache Pilot Lighting  Controller, Laser Engraved Smooth Flat Black Finish. Perfect for somebody building an AH-64 Cockpit Flight Simulator for DCS

This is the AH-64 Apache Pilot Lighting Plug and Play Controller

This unit is a bare unit, with no enclosure and requires the the Apache Left control board to function. Please ensure you add it to cart if you don’t already have it.

The unit can function in HID mode and register each button or toggle as a Joystick button press and potentiometer as an Joystick axis, or it can operate in DCSBIOS mode where no mapping is required.
The unit does need you to have DCSBIOS to be setup for the lights to wor.,

This AH-64 Apache Pilot Lighting Panel would be a great addition to a Apache Sim cockpit you are building, and perfect for any Flight sim Enthusiast / DCS gamer.

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