F16 ICP USB Controller

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This F16 ICP USB Controller is perfect for Flight sim Enthusiasts who fly the F16 in Flight Simulator games, ie DCS:F16-C Viper or FalconBMS

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This F16 ICP USB Controller is perfect for Flight sim Enthusiasts who fly the F16 in Flight Simulator games, ie DCS:F16-C Viper or FalconBMS

If your Looking for something a bit more Universal checkout the new UNI UFC.

The ICP (Integrated Control Panel) is the main interface to the other systems of the F-16. It is used among others, to enable weapons, selection of navigation settings and selection of radio communications

A short video of the unit in action in DCS F-16C Viper on the Tarmac is below.

The unit is programmed as a HID USB Device usable as a standard joystick, and is also able to be toggled to DCSBIOS mode with 2 quick button presses (with DCS F-16C Viper being in early access I am not sure what may change but I will attempt to provide firmware updates if possible for any changes).

Please note, the device won’t show up in “Game Controllers” in windows, but any game when in HID mode should work fine and detect it and the button presses.

The enclosure is made from 3mm Matt Black acrylic, and is 140mm W x 115mm H x 50mm D.

The back of the Acrylic enclosure has keyhole slots in a Vesa75 pattern so it could be custom mounted with some bolts to a stable mounting system of your choosing.

The F16 ICP is Backlit with green LED lighting that can be adjusted and is connected with a micro USB port.

This is a hobby quality product and is made to order by hand and will have some imperfections but is 100% working with all the buttons and 4 analog axis tested and working. Please read the reviews for other users experiences.

If you have any questions please ask before purchasing as no returns are accepted.

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Shipping Weight800 g
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

25 reviews for F16 ICP USB Controller

  1. Chad Peterson (verified owner)

    Great product!!!!

  2. Kon (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, I had a few issues with lights and had to reload the firmware with help from the developer however all went well. So far I haven’t used it a lot but works well. Still trying to work out a suitable mounting solution as I don’t have a 3d printer yet..

  3. Nathaniel Costa Martinez (verified owner)

    Nice product and great team behind it!!
    I received mine a few days ago and it was not functioning. No lights and no way DCS or other program could detect it.
    I emailed the support team and they answered me back at the very moment, helping me configuring it and making it work flawlessly.
    That’s why I give it 5 stars. For the product itself and for the efficient and reliable support team behind it.

  4. Craig H. (verified owner)

    Works great and looks good. However, there are certain parts of the build that are a bit on the rough side. Some of the components feel cheap and there are some glue marks, etc. Additionally, I think the slot for the micro-usb connector could be shaped and positioned better. At this price point I’d expect the unit to ship with the necessary cable and even some components for mounting. The market for professional panels is getting more competitive, so I’d like to see TekCreations continue to make improvements. Still, overall, if you’re looking for an authentic looking ICP for the Viper, definitely consider this unit!

  5. William Z. (verified owner)

    Really helps entering data as opposed to using the mouse! A must-have for serious simmers. Obviously can’t use when wearing a VR headset. I do go back and forth between VR and using a very wide-screen 4K monitor and this unit is GREAT for that use. I can’t wait for the F18 UFC unit!

  6. Supmua (verified owner)

    Great product at great price. The build quality isn’t top tier, but very good nonetheless. All switches and buttons work as intended, no issues with my unit.

  7. Ayax Ivan (verified owner)

    Another couple of great items… ICP and UFC.
    Again I must warn any reader that I´m a former F-18 pilot, and that I had the chance to fly Polish F-16 52+ during a Sqn exchange… so I´m comparing to RL stuff.
    So, as I mentioned on the panels (F-18 and F-16), the “touch” feeling of buttons and switches is not the same… in fact, far from the real feeling… still, ask 10 different pilots about how it feels in RL and you´ll get 10 different descriptions.
    But for the use of any flight-sim lover, it is way more than enough. They perform perfectly, and work as intended. So all in all, you will get what you really need.
    Yes, some buttons may feel different from the others (maybe COM1 buton has less movement that AG one) and things like this… but as said, you get what you need, and the fact that it´s “dumb-proof” to use it with DCS, and as easy to use as it can be while on HID mode, makes it a perfect controller.
    I use it mainly on BMS and DCS sims, and it is a pleasure to fly with.
    There is no other point I could mention. They work, they are cool… and you won´t be disappointed.
    Remember, not the same touch-feeling as RL, but the same outcome.
    Big time Thanks TEK for all the modules, and keep them coming!

  8. Jimmy Lanier (verified owner)

    Service was great, delayed shipping was handled very well. Great communications. Have not been able to install unit yet. ( Covid )

  9. JP (verified owner)

    Really good value for money. The finish could be refined in a couple of areas (this is nitpicking) but I bought this unit for the functionality and in that respect it’s fantastic.

  10. syed ali (verified owner)

    Great product. build quality is good. plug and play device with simple mapping. the most important thing to mention here is that the service of tek people. timely responsive and helpful. i am satisfied with both service and product and want to buy more product for my f16 c viper cockpit.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The F-16 ICP arrived in perfect condition. Plug and play/fly ready, and is ready to use in about 15 minutes, and worked perfectly. I mounted the ICP on a panel using Velcro and it looks fantastic. The illuminated ICP looks amazing combined with all the other backlights in my setup (Thrustmaster Warthog + Cougar MFD). The ICP is not just for F-16, but can also be used for other aircraft/simulators. This is the best investment I have made in my home simulator so far. The customer service is outstanding; TekCreations is an awesome company and I am looking forward to buying from them again.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very functional device!
    There was no serious trouble and it was easy to connect.
    It can be said that it is an excellent tool that can obtain a realistic operation feeling at a relatively low cost.
    It may be more helpful if there is a manual describing the contents of the shipment and the condition of the product (the outer frame is not bonded).
    In my flight environment, it is working very well now.
    Thank you for expanding your dream of Virtual viper pilot, and do your best in the future!
    Forgive my poor English…

  13. Frederic D. (verified owner)

    OK, it’s not perfect… There are some flaws. Some buttons you have to click a certain way for them to work, the wheels do look and feel a bit cheap. But it is not a mass produced product. It’s made by flight sim enthusiasts like us… And thank god those people exist. Where else would you buy such a great product for this price??? I used to fly with touchscreen and helios, but I never really liked it. It didn’t feel real. This product makes your experience must more real. I don’t know, i guess i just like to press real buttons instead of a screen 🙂 I gave it 5 stars, not because it’s perfect, but because it’s affordable and I really like flying with it.
    P.S.: for all the people complaining about the stand not holding together… a little bit of glue will fix that in a minute 😛

  14. Shane Donnelly (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the quality and the ease of setup. I can’t wait to pick up the Left and Right panels very soon.

  15. Andrew (verified owner)

    The comments on the website about this not being a highly developed, professional, commercial product but that it does everything it should do are spot on. Is the ICP a perfect facsimile of the unit found in an F-16? No, almost certainly not. Is it designed and built to Apple standards? No, it is not. Does it work? Yes. Does it increase immersion in the sim experience? Yes, absolutely. Is it good vfm? I think so. I am very happy with my purchase.

  16. Eric Craft (verified owner)

    Honestly i am a little disappointed. There is barely any tactile feel when pressing buttons, I think at least two buttons simply dont work, and the dcs switch sometimes contacts the “return” position when i want it to do something else. The price is great and I guess thats why I havnt complained. It works enough for me.

  17. Abram W. (verified owner)

  18. Stephanie Lessentine (verified owner)

    Updated my review to reflect I received a replacement ICP. The arduino board was at fault for the first unit dying. Back to flying and being able to quickly interact with the virtual ICP via the TekCreations ICP is a must.

    Thanks for the support!

    Very nice plug-n-play controller, was simple to install and configured with DCS. Sadly the device didn’t last. Roughly two months after receiving the ICP, the electronics bricked. Tried reviving it with some assistance from tech support, but was not successful. Unfortunate as I was looking forward to flying the Viper with a very close to authentic product.

    • tekcreations (store manager)

      Thank you for the review It is unfortunate the problems you have experienced with the ICP, I am still working with you on a solution to get you back in the Air.

  19. Bence Atkari (verified owner)

    I gave 5 stars not because the product is faultless but because I love it and absolutely satisfied with it.
    I knew it was a hobby product I was going to buy and expected as much. Didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a professional panel just to play computer games, doesn’t matter how much I love sims, especially Falcon BMS. In this price range this was looking the best choice and I think it still is.
    Good price (especially now with the discount 🙂 ). Package arrived in time, no hassle with customs. Well packed, no damage. The ICP is light as the box is acrylic, but that’s not a problem if fixed well. Buttons in the right place and work ok, though sometimes a few need to be pressed harder or twice to be registered, but nothing serious. Much better than mouse click and I don’t need to let the stick go. I can’t compare the feel to the real one as I have not had the pleasure to try, but I am sure this is far from that as rather plasticky as other reviewers pointed out, especially the wheels. But again, completely useable, works well and for this price this is excellent. Replica lovers need to turn to companies specialised to build such things and expect a different prices range.
    Light is fantastic, I love to keep it on sometimes at night, just looking good.
    I had an issue with the micro usb port which came off as wasn’t fixed well enough for repeated plug in and out but with quick and great help from Kieron it was fixed and upgraded to a solid one. I think it will be part of the later batches as standard.
    The wooden stand is light, rather weak too, but that’s just a little bonus and don’t think it is meant to be the final solution for a real simmer. Good to have sg to start with but with help of the screw holes on the back one should easily find a better support.
    All in all I have a much better game experience now and didn’t need to rob the bank. I have been waiting for the button boxes eagerly like the previous reviewers.
    Thanks TekCreations.

  20. fpullanojr@gmail.com (verified owner)

    It’s fair to rate items based on what it’s supposed to be, the value it yields, and comparing those against the price of the item. With that, the only reason this unit does not receive a 5 star rating from me is because it is not a perfect unit. Someone who purchases one of these units should not expect it to appear exactly as it does in the real F-16 and should not expect it to feel exactly as one does in the real F-16. Being a retired USAF member with 10 years of experience working on the jet as a crew chief and having been lucky enough to fly in it, and having many hundreds of hours in the USAF F-16 simulator, I know what the real deal feels and looks like.

    With all of that said, this unit, for the price, is an INCREDIBLY GOOD VALUE to the home enthusiast.

    I do have one or two misgivings with the unit and I think it should be stated here and not because I dislike the ICP, I love the thing. I write about these things so people understand what they’re getting and aren’t disappointed.

    The Wooden MDF mount is inadequate and is of little use. Mine required glue and duct tape in order to hold together. Even when “mounted” the unit’s light weight, it feels quite flimsy on the supplied mount. When mounted with a ‘more secure’ method, it feel MUCH better and MUCH more “real”. There are mounting holes on the rear to help with this.

    On occasion, some buttons can stick, and in some cases the commands are not recognized by the sim. The most notable example is typing in coordinates on the numeric keypad. I can’t duplicate this when viewing the input from the Windows joystick utility so it could be that DCS World Viper is bugged when mapping key pad numbers to the ICP. Most of the buttons have slight misalignments where they don’t sit quite flat, or the labeling is slightly crooked. The tactile response is rather light but over time, you do get used to it where it’s not an issue.

    The four dimming wheels are particularly noticeable in both feel and friction. The look and feel quite different from the real unit although they function as they should. At first, this was a slight issue for me but over the past few months, I’ve gotten used to the feel and no longer find this to be something that bothers me.

    When I first received the unit, there was some kind of short circuit within. There were a number of different buttons that caused erroneous commands to be recognized by the PC. With the support from the builder, we were able to troubleshoot and correct the issue.

    Those were my issues with the unit. Of course, none of those are show stoppers for me.
    Now that all of the cons are out of the way, I hope they are taken in the manner in which I intended – to let folks know what they are buying.

    Overall, it’s an outstanding value and adds a great level of immersion to ‘flying’ the viper in VR.

    In order for the manufacturer to offer a product that looks exactly like and feels exactly like the real thing, the price would need to be much – MUCH higher.

    At the end of the day, I highly recommend this unit to anyone who intends to study the Viper from a home cockpit that isn’t designed to be a nut and bold replica of the real deal, but rather a reasonable representation with all of the required functionality in tact.

  21. dailey preemen (verified owner)

    Ok coming back to my earlier review i cant delete it i have changed rating to 4 stars all my big issues are solved and its working nice to my cougar MFD’s thanks

  22. dailey preemen (verified owner)

    First the seller was helpful and it was delivered in a reasonable timeframe. Also the looks and led lightning is nice also the button was better alligned than expected.
    The stand that is included does hold together well for me.
    It looks and feels also great and i like the modes that allow switching between DirectX key interface and DCS bios. And hardware brightness control with the WX key.

    However i agree with Patrick above about the general fit issues with my unit the wheels when turn make a scratch noise because they touch the edges and need spacers.
    Second my COM 1 button came not working out of the box i fixed this by putton a thin peace of paper behind and it works now also the enter key is sometimes not registering which can be a pain and i cant fix that one.

    Overal iam pretty happy with it but wished the buttons registered a little better still pretty decent overal also the asking price is acceptable for the provided product.

    • tekcreations (store manager)

      Thank you for the Review, I am in contact in regards to the Enter button as I really want to get that sorted. I am taking all this feedback on board to improve the QA process

  23. nikbit (verified owner)

    Very good service, very good communication with the seller. The package was shipped quickly and without damage to GREECE. The ICP is fully operational and does what it describes. I expect new instruments for the F-16.

  24. Patrick E. (verified owner)

    Very good for the price point. However there are some general fit and finish issues. A few of the buttons stick regularly and and wooden stand does not stay together. It seemed like this batch was somewhat rushed to accommodate the high demand given the Viper modules release for DCS. Seems like some minor quality control issues, but all in all a decent product.

    • tekcreations (store manager)

      Thank you for the honest feedback Patrick, I have made contact re the issues you have with the sticky buttons.

  25. Adnan (verified owner)

    The best piece of equpment that you can get on the market for the reasonable price, all buttons are fully functional, all working as it should in DCS, now will wait for the switch boxes for the Viper, i hope that TekCreation will give their best again and i cant wait to get one of those too.

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