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Tek is going on Holidays!

Tekcreations is going on an international holiday for the whole of February 2023, as such orders will not be able to be fulfilled.

To be completely transparent and avoid any upset I will be turning off all orders in mid-January, this will give me time to complete all orders before leaving. I may have a few pre-made items still available and they will stay available until the last minute.

During February I will have limited access to emails so won’t be able to respond to any queries, but if possible I will but don’t rely on a reply until I return in March 2023.

I will turn the orders back on at the end of February 2023 to allow orders to come in ready for me to hit the ground running when I return. So whilst the store is closed please subscribe to any items you are interested in and you will be notified once I am back up and running.


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