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Tek Input Joystick Board Part 1

Now for something completely different, I have wanted to create a USB Joystick Board Controller for a while so I figured it was time to get cracking.

This is aimed to be a perfect addition to those builing their own Flight Sim Cockpit who want an easier solution for wiring it all up.

The aim of this is a nice compact breakout board , that will interface with an Arduino Pro Micro. The idea of this is it will allow those who are knowledable to write their own code.

I plan on offering these as a breakout board only, or with a Pro micro configured to work as a HID Joystick (or possibility DCSBSIOS)

Coming in at 65mm x 80mm we have the below little beauty

This unit will allow 40Digital Inputs for switches buttons etc. The pins are aligned in rows of 4 so that you have
Input-GND-INPUT-GND This way you can have 2 way switches on each 4pin header, or its easy to have a 3way switch with the GND in the middle. Also the 9 Analog Inputs are broken out to a GND-INPUT-VCC.

I have also allowed for some Green SMD LEDS on it that can solder jumped to activate, and also there is an LED output header as well. This is controlled by ALOG9 input so we can use PWM to adjust brightness etc.

We also have 6 onboard digital pints broken out with a GND and VCC that you can use for Encoders, or Digital LED’s etc

Pic with Arduino mounted.

I will be writing the software initially for this as a pure HID device with no frills, but as time permits I will make a GUI so you can do some configuration.

This can even be used with the great MMJOY firmware if you wanted to install it yourself, I may even provide a guide as well to help with the pin mappings.

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