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Round Base Movement Tray – 10 x Tight Squad

Keep 10 of your troops in an easy to move tight squad formation,, speeding up game-play for Warhammer 40k / Age of Sigmar or other miniature games.

$4.00 AUD

Sometimes moving your army’s around the battlefield in the early stages can be quite cumbersome. These MDF Movement trays are a great way to speed up game-play and are perfect for Warhammer 40k / Age of Sigmar or any other miniature games.
This listing is for 1 movement tray as shown, suitable for either 25mm or 32mm Bases. Please add a note when you order which size you would like.
The tray comes as 2 pieces of 3mm MDF and requires gluing with PVA glue.
For other formations, spacing and sizes, see my other products, or if there is anything I am not showing as available we can happily discuss a custom order.
I combine postage. 
Please note due to the high cost tracking is not offered on shipping
** Space marines for illustration purposes, they do not come with the trays*
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