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F18 Hornet Light Brake Controller

$175.00 AUD

F18 Hornet Light Brake Controller Perfect for Flight Sim Gamers going for a full F18 Hornet cockpit build.

If you love flying the F18 Hornet, enhance the experience with a F18 Hornet Light Brake Controller

This unit is a bare unit, with the light brake panel, and also the park brake switch and handle, although the park brake will be mounted by yourself in yoru own pit.

Whilst not supplied this PCB has the inputs available for the following controls – Landing Gear Lever, Landing Gear Rotate, Landing Gear Light, DN Lock, Warn Silence
So you can hook up your own switches and controls into this for those controls.

This unit is a plug and play USB controller that can be setup to use DCSBIOS or appear as a Regular Joystick.

Perfect for a Pit Builder who wants some more tactile controls and the replica layout is ideal for a DCS VR Pilot.

The unit is 172 mm Wide x 147.5mm High.

The top of the F18 Hornet Light Brake Controller is precision laser engraved which shows nice vivid white text against the black, but this unit also comes with Green back lighting as well.

As always this is a hobby quality product and all effort is made to create a top quality product however there may be visual imperfections in the finished product.
It is not a mass produced product and you will note it comprises of 3d printed parts and you should expect imperfections.
If you have any questions or concerns please ask prior to preorder.

This Unit by default comes setup with a USB Controller inside that is configured for the exact controls using DCSBIOS for the DCS F18 Hornet Module.
The unit if you wish can be toggled to function as a USB HID Joystick Controller. Please note, this may not appear in Game Controllers, but this will work perfectly fine for any game and will require mapping to be done in most games.

If you have any questions please contact me for further information.

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Built to Order - Please Allow 10 – 20 days