F18 Hornet Jettison IFEI Multi Controller

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F18 Hornet Jettison IFEI Multi Controller  Perfect for a Flight Sim Gamer who wants some more tactile controls without going for a full cockpit build.

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If you love flying the F18 Hornet, enhance the experience with a F18 Hornet Jettison IFEI Multi Controller

This panel incorporates the Master Arm Panel, the Jettison Control Panel, the IFEI Control Panel and the Hook and Wing Fold Controls.

I can change the coding and the text of some of the controls, ie Fire Ext to Master Caution, Wing fold to ECM as requested, Contact me with what you are thinking of.

Video of the unit in DCS with DCSBIOS Running

This unit is a plug and play USB controller that can be setup to use DCSBIOS or appear as a Regular Joystick. Please note DCSBIOS is required for the LED Lights to work and you will be required to get this up and running yourself ( https://dcs-bios.readthedocs.io/en/latest/installation.html )

Perfect for a Flight Sim Gamer who wants some more tactile controls without going for a full cockpit build

The unit is 186 mm Wide x 115 mm High and 43 mm deep and is made from Black Acrylic for durability providing a nice clean finish.
It will have the cable mounted default on the Side port, but holes are provided on the Back for you to relocate the USB port if required.

The top of the F18 Hornet Jettison Multi Panel is precision laser engraved which shows nice vivid white text against the black. This unit does not have backlighting like the other panels at present., but this unit also comes with Green back lighting HOWEVER the Hook and Wingfold text is not backlit.

As always this is a hobby quality product and all effort is made to create a top quality product however there may be visual imperfections in the finished product.
If you have any questions or concerns please ask prior to preorder.

This Unit by default comes setup with a USB Controller inside that is configured for the exact controls using DCSBIOS for the DCS F18 Hornet Module.
The unit if you wish can be toggled to function as a USB HID Joystick Controller. Please note, this may not appear in Game Controllers, but this will work perfectly fine for any game and will require mapping to be done in most games.

I am currently thinking of a 3d printed F18 Hornet Hook Handle to mount on Hook switch, if I do I will provide the STL for free download for you to organise to be printed, no guarantees or promises on a timeline.

If you have any questions please contact me for further information.

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Shipping Weight800 g
Dimensions31 × 19 × 13 cm

Replica Controls, Hook Wingfold


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