F18 Hornet HUD Panel USB Controller

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This F18 Hornet HUD USB Controller is perfect for Flight sim Enthusiasts who fly the F18 in Flight Simulator games providing more realistic controls.

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This F18 Hornet HUD USB Controller is perfect for Flight sim Enthusiasts who fly the F18 in Flight Simulator games providing more realistic controls.

The Hud Panel is a perfect compantion to the F18 UFC (Up Front Controller)

The unit is programmed as a DCSBIOS Device by default but is also able to be toggled to HID mode with 2 quick button presses and be usable as a standard joystick.

Please note, the device won’t show up in “Game Controllers” in windows, but any game when in HID mode should work fine and detect it and the button presses.

The enclosure is made from 3mm Matt Black acrylic for a nice clean finish, and is 189mm W x 76mm H x 43mm D

The unit to make mounting easier comes with some keyholes on the back.

The F18 Hornet Hud Panel is not screwed into the enclosure but is a friction fit in the enclosure with a few dabs of hot melt glue.

The F18 Hornet HUD is Backlit with green LED lighting is controled within DCS or can be controlled with a switch combo whilst in HID mode.

Please note this does not come with a USB Cable, you will need to provide your own DATA Micro USB Cable or I have a 1 metre available

This is a hobby quality product and is made to order by hand and will have some imperfections but is tested to be working.

Please note, that the knobs you receive may vary from what is shown depending on supplies.

If you have any questions please ask before purchasing as no returns are accepted.


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Shipping Weight700 g
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

VR Only Unit NO Working Displays, With Working Scratchpad and Comm Displays, Full Working Displays

9 reviews for F18 Hornet HUD Panel USB Controller

  1. Matthew Hammer (verified owner)

    Very happy with this panel would recommend it to all pit builders

  2. Larry Williams (verified owner)

    Outstanding addition to my Hornet UFC controller, highly recommended. Great customer service and fast shipping.

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    I’m generally not at a loss for words but, allow me to speak in superlatives. Fantastic, Awesome and, Mind Blowing. The HUD Panel USB Controller is one of several products I’ve purchased from TekCreations and, I’m absolutely pleased with each of them. I’m also eagerly awaiting release of the WIP Gear Panel- which I’ll jump on as soon as it’s available.

    One drawback however. With the recent DCS OB update, I lost some functionality of my TC UFC. In DCS-Bios mode, I’m not getting any response whatsoever. In HID Mode (after mapping buttons and rotary dials), it’s performing as desired but, absent the LED readouts. As the center piece of my modest Hornet pit build, my UFC is a critical component. So naturally, I’ll be reaching out to your tech support for a hopeful fix.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not pointing fingers at TekCreations. As has been my experience and, as has been widely reported by pit builders alike, DCS updates don’t always play nice with outside addons (hardware or software). It often requires tinkering and reconfiguring .lua’s to get back on track. At this point it’s just become the nature of the beast.

    In closing, overall, I’m a happy camper and, I’ll be back for additional TekCreation products that meet my needs. So guys, stay the course and, keep us purists flying with serious immersion.

    To all, stay safe and healthy.

    Best regards,
    Mike (“Mad Max”)

  4. mark turner (verified owner)

    Excellent product and great support, thanks

  5. Christophe MODULI (verified owner)

    Perfect addon for the UFC ! Great work.

  6. Stefan Roth (verified owner)

  7. lawilliams (verified owner)

    This was a great addition to my simpit, and really goes well with my Tek Creation F-18 UFC controller. The unit is build solid and easy to setup and use, and everything works great. I would highly recommend Tek Controllers, they have fast response to inquires for assistance and equally fast shipping.

  8. Peter P. (verified owner)

    Solid build and feel. Easy to program either as keystroke or DCS-BIOS. Fast shipping and fast customer response for questions. If you like the feel of real toggles for your home sim, this is definitely something for you to consider!

  9. Tom (verified owner)

    Very nice add-on to my simpit. Simple and easy to use. Works flawlessly in DCS. Having the heading and course sector is awesome. Many of these functions are used on everything flight so good value for the money and convenience of not having to mouse click items when you need them quickly. I highly recommend Tek Creations for hobbyist level panels.

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