F18 Hornet Control Panel Multi USB Controller

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USD$ 315.70

F18 Hornet Control Panel Perfect for a Flight Sim Gamer who wants some more tactile controls without going for a full cockpit build.Can be Fully customised.
It is completely customisable to your requirements,  just contact me what you are looking for.

Available on Backorder - Please Allow 10 – 20 days

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If you love flying the DCS Hornet Module, enhance the experience with a F18 Hornet Control Panel by your side.

Please note the average lead time on this unit will vary from 15-30 days depending on my workload, by placing this order you accept this and if there is any further delays I will contact you.

This unit is a plug and play USB controller that can be setup to use DCSBIOS or appear as a Regular Joystick.
Prfect for a Flight Sim Gamer who wants some more tactile controls without going for a full cockpit build.

This unit is setup for F18 Hornet Controls, contact me if your looking for something a little different.

The Device shown comes with a range of Toggle switches, Rotary Switches, Push Button and LED and are configured to mimic a variety of F18 Hornet Control Panel switches. Please note the Rotary Switch tops may vary depending on stock available.

If you are after a replica RIGHT panel, please checkout this Product

The unit is 220 mm Long x 150.05 mm Wide and 53 mm High and is made from Black Acrylic for durability providing a nice clean finish.

The design is based off the standard 146.05 mm wide for the plate and Standard DZUS Spacing for the Screw holes.

The top of the F18 Hornet Control Panel is precision laser engraved which shows nice vivid white text against the black, but this unit also comes with Green back lighting as well.

This unit is setup to use DCSBIOS for its interface, and has Green back lighting with adjustable brightness by holding FCS reset and using the Eng Crank Toggle Switch.

This Unit by default comes setup with a USB Controller inside that is configured for the exact controls using DCSBIOS for the DCS F18 Hornet Module, However if you require this can be configured as a Standard Windows HID Game Controller, please just let me know (the APU light will not work without DCSBIOS)

Please note this does not come with a USB Cable, you will need to provide your own DATA Micro USB Cable or I have a 1 metre available https://tekcreations.space/product/silverstone-sleeved-usb-2-0-2-in-1-micro-b-to-type-a-combo-cable/

This is a hobby quality product and all effort is made to create a top quality product however there may be visual imperfections in the finished product.
Please note, that the knobs you receive may vary from what is shown depending on supplies.

If you have any questions please contact me for further information.

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Shipping Weight1200 g
Dimensions33 × 25 × 15 cm

6 reviews for F18 Hornet Control Panel Multi USB Controller

  1. Chris Gillies (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the unit. We had a minor issues due to the configuration of my machine, but Kieron went out of his way to sort it out for me. 5 Star Tech Support

  2. Peter P. (verified owner)

    Solid build and feel. Easy to program either as keystroke or DCS-BIOS. The LED’s add just the right amount of realism as a bonus. Fast shipping half way around the world and fast customer response to questions. If you like the feel of real toggles for your home sim, and price isn’t an obstacle, this is definitely something to consider!

  3. Jung Suh (verified owner)

    Excellent product and service. Was late getting the panel, but it was due to supply chain issues. Thanks.

  4. Florian Grauer (verified owner)

    This is a company i cannot recommend and support enough. The Multipanel is a well build and fair priced complement for the F/A-18c Hornet module in DCS. Kieron was super helpful with setting up the controls to my needs. I owned this together with the Right Replica Panel, sadfully i didn´t ask him about customizing the Multibox for that case, since he´s offering that as a service too. Thank you mate – really hoping for a UFC soon!

  5. Nick (verified owner)

    Good quality item, but quite expensive and should really come with a USB cable for the money.

    • tekcreations (store manager)

      Thanks for the review Nick.
      I did make a conscious decision to not ship items with a usb cable based on feedback as everybody has a different situation re length requirement, and its something easily obtainable.

  6. John Sorrento (verified owner)

    My only complete is the FCS and and trim buttons should be bigger
    I did not receive the knobs but got them in good time. I wish the knobs post had stops not encoder type. The ICP came apart shipping but all equipment works just fine very happy with them.

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