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F16 Left Start Panel Controller

F16 Left Start Panel Controller , Perfect for somebody building an F16 Cockpit Flight Simulator for DCS or Falcon BMS

$383.40 AUD

Built to Order - Please Allow 10 – 20 days

If you love flying the F16 Viper enhance the experience with a F16 Viper Left Start Panel Controller for your pit, they do not come with an Enclosure.

These units are plug and play USB controllers that can be used in DCSBIOS, or has a HID joystick.

Video of the unit in action first in DCS with DCSBIOS

F4TS is no longer actively supported by my units.

The panels are driven from a Single USB Controller, this controller also has *Planned* future inputs for DCS which are AOA, Caution, Misc ECM . Unfortunately for BMS it will do the buttons

Top plate is 1.6mm that has a smooth flat black finish.
The middle plate is 3mm Opal Acrylic to allow diffused lighting through and to hold the nuts from switches and rotaries
The bottom plate is 3mm black acrylic to allow mounting into a cockpit.

The text is precision laser engraved, to show a nice vivid white. all panels bar the Manual pitch have their own backlighting, but if your mount your own LED’s the Manual pitch can be backlit.

To keep the costs to you down, the edges are left white, and it is up to you to either leave as is, or paint black yourself.

This F16 Left Start Panel Controller would be a great addition to a Fighter Sim cockpit you are building, and perfect for any Flight sim Enthusiast , DCS or Falcon BMS gamer.

If your interested in other plates I have not up for sale yet please contact me.
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