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F16 Falcon Cockpit Panels - Coming Soon

$0.00 AUD

Replica F18 “Hornet” (F/A-18C )Cockpit Panels,Laser Engraved Smooth Flat Black Finish. Perfect for somebody building a F18 Cockpit Flight Simulator for DCS

Watch this space, Soon Tekcreations will be selling replicas of F16 Falcon / Viper Cockpit panels (Block 50)

They are made up of 3 plates.
Top plate is 1.6mm black on white engraving ABS that has a smooth flat black finish.
The middle plate is 2mm Opal Acrylic to allow diffused lighting through and to hold the nuts from switches and rotaries
The bottom plate is 3mm Opal Acrylic to allow diffused lighting through

The text is precision laser engraved, to show a nice vivid white. This product will be able to be backlit.

To keep the costs to you down, the edges are left white, and it is up to you to either leave as is, or paint black yourself. The base plate and top plates will have masking tape applied to make it easier for you to paint.
These F16 Falcon / Viper Cockpit panels would be a great addition to a Fighter Sim cockpit you are building, and perfect for any Flight sim Enthusiast / DCS gamer.
Standard dimensions will be 146.05mm wide by standard DZUS spacing 9.525mm
Custom Changes will be available, just contact me with the specific details of what you are looking for.
If your interested contact me now to be on the list.
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