F16 CMDS TWA Panel Controller

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F16 CMDS TWA Panel Controller Perfect for a Flight Sim Gamer who wants some more tactile controls without going for a full cockpit build.

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If you love flying the F16 Falcon, enhance the experience with a F16 F16 CMDS TWA Panel USB Controller

This unit is a plug and play USB controller that can be setup to use DCSBIOS or appear as a Regular Joystick. Please note DCSBIOS is required for the Displays to work.
Compatible with FalconBMS with F4toserial.

Video of the unit in DCS with DCSBIOS

Video of the unit with F4toSerial and FalconBMS

The Bare CMDS panel is 145 x 130mm and the Threat Aux Panel is 45 x 87mm.

The top of the F16 CMDS TWA Panel is precision laser engraved which shows nice vivid white text against the black, this unit also comes with Green back lighting as well.

As always this is a hobby quality product and all effort is made to create a top quality product however there may be visual imperfections in the finished product.

If you have any questions or concerns please ask prior to preorder.

This Unit by default comes setup with a USB Controller inside that is configured for the exact controls using DCSBIOS for the DCS F16 Viper Module.
The unit if you wish can be toggled to function as a USB HID Joystick Controller. Please note, this may not appear in Game Controllers, but this will work perfectly fine for any game and will require mapping to be done in most games.

If you have any questions please contact me for further information.

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Shipping Weight1100 g
Dimensions33 × 25 × 15 cm
Enclosure Required?

Without Enclosure, With Enclosure

1 review for F16 CMDS TWA Panel Controller

  1. Onno Hommes (verified owner)

    Another great Panel! I am using BMS with F4TS and configuring the status lights and BCD was easy based on the video. The panel arrived in DCSBIOS mode. I use BMS so I have to switch it to HID by moving the PRGM below BIT and then press and hold the SEARCH on the THREAT Warning AUX panel. To flip it back to DCSBIOS you need the same PRGM setting below BIT and press and hold the ACT/PWR momentary switch. In both cases your unit will flash the flights and then you need to power cycle your device and it is ready. Really nice quality this panel. I have a bunch now including the Landing Panel and caution lights and all work great!

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