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F18 Master Arm USB Controller

Experience unparalleled realism in flight simulation with the F18 Hornet Master Arm Panel. Enhanced with a realistic RealFeel Locking Toggle switch, this 44.5mm by 123.5mm panel is perfect for flight sim enthusiasts and DCS gamers. Note that it requires the F18 Brain Control Board from TekCreations for optimal functionality. Optional enclosures with an emergency button are also available for purchase, adding to the authenticity of your sim cockpit setu

$85.00 AUD

Built to Order - Please Allow 10 – 20 days

Elevate your flight simulation experience with the F18 Hornet Master Arm Panel, crafted for realism and functionality. Featuring a Realfeel Locking Toggle switch to match the real thing, this panel is a must-have for serious flight simulation enthusiasts.

It’s important to note that the functionality of this panel is dependent on the F18 Brain Control Board. This essential component is available at TekCreations. Remember to add this board to your cart if you haven’t already.

Enhance your simulation setup with an enclosure for the panel, equipped with an emergency Jettison button for added authenticity. This enclosure is available for purchase here, or you can download the design files for free if you prefer to craft your own.

If you are wanting an Encosure for this along with the Emergency button this is available for purchase here https://tekcreations.space/product/f18-hornet-master-arm-panel-enclosure/ , or the file is freely available for you to download yourself.



This  panel measures 44.5mm in width and 123.5mm in height, is robustly constructed with a 1.6mm metal backplate and a 6mm precision laser-engraved top plate ensuring durability. It’s an ideal addition for any DCS gamer or flight sim enthusiast, especially those assembling a Fighter Sim cockpit. The F18 Hornet Master Arm Panel is not just a component; it’s an upgrade that transforms your flight simulation experience into a truly immersive adventure.
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