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F18 Hornet Standby Gauge Frames

Replica F18 “Hornet” (F/A-18C ) Standby Gauge Frames , Laser Engraved Smooth Flat Black Finish. Perfect for somebody building a F18 Cockpit Flight Simulator for DCS

$58.58 AUD

Available on back-order

Replica of the F18 Hornet Standby Gauge Frames namely the F/A-18C model.

This listing is for all 5 gauges as shown.

It is made up of 3 plates.
Top plate is 1.6mm black on white engraving ABS that has a smooth flat black finish.
The middle plate is 3mm Clear Acrylic To give a Glass/Screen effect,
The bottom plate is 3mm Opal Acrylic to allow diffused lighting through for panels if required.

The panels are made so you can mount a potentiometer with 8mm mounting and a 6mm push button. The middle plate holes are larger to allow for the captive nut

You could print out a picture of the controls to sandwich between the middle and bottom plate quite easily to make a nice effect.

The larger Frame is 84.5mm x 84.5mm
The smaller frame is 62mm x 62mm
The holes are suitable for a M3 bolt.

The text is precision laser engraved, to show a nice vivid white. This product is able to be back lit.

This F18 Standby Gauge Frames would be a great addition to a Fighter Sim cockpit you are building, and perfect for any Flight sim Enthusiast / DCS gamer.
If you are interested in other plates I have not up for sale yet please contact me.
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