F18 ECM & IR Cool Panel USB Controller

USD$ 132.28

Replica F18 “Hornet” (F/A-18C ) F18 ECM & IR Cool Controller, ready for use with DCSBIOS Perfect for somebody building a F18 Cockpit for DCS

This is the F18 ECM and IR Cool Panel USB Controller, specifically the F/A-18C Lot 20 model from DCS.

Video showcasing the unit is here

Great for pit builders, comes fully workable with an arduino programmed for use with DCSBIOS. DCSBIOS is required for the function of lights. theSPIN Toggle cover doesn’t actuate the in game cover, but it is coded so that if you activate while the cover is closed in game it will open it as part of the process, and also close it in game if turned off

The unit comes with a control board that controls both the ECM and IR Cool. In the near future this unit will have a new firmware that has outputs that will also control the Master Arm Panel (https://tekcreations.space/product/f-a-18c-master-arm-panel-usb/)
Caution Panel (https://tekcreations.space/product/f18-hornet-caution-lights/) and have outputs for a Future AOA, and have inputs for your own HOOK, AVCOOL, Canopy and Wingfold switches.

This F18 ECM and IR Cool Panel USB Controllerwould be a great addition to a Fighter Sim cockpit you are building, and perfect for any Flight sim Enthusiast / DCS gamer.

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Built to Order - Please Allow 10 – 20 days