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Battletech / Mechwarrior Coasters

Battletech Coffee Coaster made from Tasmanian Blackwood  lightly engraved so the markings are visible with an insignia from the Battetech / Mechwarrior Universe.

$5.00 AUD

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There are many factions in the Battletech universe

Here you will find a Coaster with an engraved insignia of the Major Factions.

The wood is a Tasmanian Blackwood MDF Veneer with a high gloss finish, lightly engraved so the markings are visible.

They are 100mm x 100mm 8mm thick, and the edges are unfinished.

The Current available factions are
Clan Ghostbear
Clan Jade Falcon
Clan Smoke Jaguar
Clan Wolf
Federated Commonwelath
House Davion
House Draconis Combine
House Liao
House Marik
House Steiner
Kell Hounds
Wolfs Dragoons

Contact me if you require any other faction as I will be able to do it up.

Please note This is a hobby quality product. Due to the nature of Timber Veneer, the colours / pattern may vary from the sample images shown to what you receive.

This is a fan made hobby product and is not officially licensed, no rights are implied and all rights are held by their respective owners.


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