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Price Increase 1st July 2023

Since the very beginning, those who have been familiar with my products might have noticed my ongoing efforts to optimize workflows and parts procurement which has allowed me to gradually lower the prices of my units and pass on the savings. While I can’t control the fluctuations in the Australian dollar’s strength for your shopping experience, I have only reduced and not increased prices in AUD thus far.

However, I must share some unfortunate news. Costs are increasing across the board, including the cost of shipping and importing parts. These circumstances are getting a bit chaotic,and as a result, I have no choice but to pass on these additional costs.

Starting from July 1st, there will be a 6.5% increase in prices for a large range of our products (not all). I know it’s not ideal, and I want to give you fair warning to avoid any surprises if you’re planning on purchasing something soon.

I wanted to be transparent as I haven’t had to make this type of adjustment before. Nonetheless, given the current situation, I find it necessary and your support and understanding in this is appreciated. For those that have dealt with me know that if possible I will pass on any savings I can gain if possible in the future.



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