Note on International Shipping

Just a note, for the short term due to COVID I have a few changes as per below

I am no longer shipping via standard or Express Airmail, UPS is the only option. I have had to many bad experiences with packages sitting in San Fran or New York for weeks and not moving and USPS not able to find them. The cost is not that much more but packages ar arriving in around a week which is fantastic during these times. If you wish to run he gauntlet with a cheaper shipping option contact me and I can do it manually for you at your own risk

UK / Europe :
I am no longer shipping via Standard Airmail, it is having 7-8 weeks delays to most countries, I am now only ding Standard Express which is anywhere from 2-4 week delays, or UPS which is around a week. Contact me if you have any queries on Shipping.

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