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How to Reflash Firmware

You are here because you are needing to reflash your TekCreations Unit with new Firmware.

The Firmware will be provided to you as needed, you just need to follow the below instructions.

Firstly only have the unit in question plugged in via USB and no other TekCreations Device.
You would have been linked to a hex file, you need to also download the tool xloader to do the upgrade.
you can grab that here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtANFY-RIM2OjpIkCN2HAdQNm67Wlw?e=xnYMdM

Extract that download to a folder somewhere, and extract the hex file to the same folder.then Open  up xloader.exe and browse and select the downloaded hex file open that up with the device plugged in.

Now the tricky bits your com ports are probably different to mine. Copy the 57600 to clipboard as you need to be quick.

Choose the com port of the device, and type in 1200 into baud rate,

Click upload (this resets the arduino)

Now quickly choose com port and there will be another one (in my case com7 paste the 57600 into baud rate adn hit upload again.

That will flash this firmware, let me know how it goes.

Video below showing how its done.


Any issues please contact me contact@tekcreations.space

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