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Fixing F18 Right Panel with DCS LTD/R change

Ok so DCS have updated the F18 Hornet Module to remove the Aft switch position from LTD/R which causes issues with my F18 Right Panel.

The first fix for those who use DCS V0.10 is to remove the Module-F-18 Module from Plugins.

Then in remote URL up the top enter https://github.com/tekcreations/TekF18 and hit install.

Now this recitifies “most” of the problem. Now we have a 3way switch in the unit with a 2 way switch in game, by default now SAFE is Arm and Aft is Safe. Ok wierd right 🙂

The only way to fix this is to reflash the firmware, the File to download is below


Once you have downloaded this, see the below instructions on how to reflash your unit with this new hardware.

Now if after doing this you have any wierd issues like Bleed air rotating in wrong direction please contact me tekadept@tekcreations.space and let me know as you may have one of my earlier units where this was inverted.

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