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F18 Master Arm Instructions

Currently by default the unit comes as a USB HID Joystick Controller This will work perfectly fine for any game and will require mapping to be done in most games. PLEASE NOTE This unit will not show up in Game controllers in Windows 8 or 10. The until will be detected by games as a joystick but windows doesn’t show it.  In this mode no LED’s will work.

If you are already using or wish to use DCSBIOS you can switch the unit to DCSBIOS mode by Holding Ready/Disch button and pressing AG The unit will flash and then function through DCSBIOS. It is up to you to know how to use and install DCSBIOS.

When you want to switch to USB HID Joystick mode, put Hold Ready/Disch button and press AA. Again the unit will flash and it will present as a Joystick.



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