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F18 Left Replica Panel Layout Part1

Sat down last night and knocked out an easy one. the “first” for the F18 Hornet Left panel Controllers.

This is the model for those after the replica to match the right replica. It has the Fuel. FCS VOL and OBOGS Controls. Nothing you wouldn’t expect but a pic below.

This will come in at 371mm x 152mm the same size as the F16 Right Panel Unit.

First challenge is the Manual ILS Chanel. I don’t have a 20 position rotary switch. What I am thinking here is I will use a Rotary Encoder. This means you won’t Truly “know” where the switch is at without setting it prior to loading the game to the game default and it may not line up exactly. For how often it gets used I think thats ok IMO..

Second Challenge is the Rud Trim. Again to be able to PUSH i need that to be a rotary encoder, but it won’t give the right feel or setting, a Potentiometer will be best for that purpose, but a Rotary Encoder will give the push button ability but it will have the same issues above with aligning on launch and remembering position.

The real condundrum now is for the replica version what do I do with the other panels?? Ant Sel, APU, Formation GND PWR etc.. I feel like perhaps they may just not warrant making the cut in a working left replica panel. Also as peoples throttles are quite different there is no one size fits all replica lay out option.

One thing I am thinking Maybe I will integrate the APU Ext Lights and GND PWR into the bottom of a box with the Left Aux panel?

I would love to hear the thoughts of anybody that might be interested in a left “close to replica” panel and hear what they had to say.

Next up is I am working on the Left “Multi panel” this will capture more of the common controls from the left side into a single box without a replica layout. Keep an eye out, and again if you have any thoughts on what you think must (and must not) make it into a multi Left box


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2 thoughts on “F18 Left Replica Panel Layout Part1”

  1. Hey Kieron !
    This looks awesome, I just want to make sure you will put the USB output on the “exterior” side so tha when mounting this into a pit, the cable won’t just be right in your leg 🙂
    Thank you for your work, once this virus thing is passed, i’m gonna order some stuff from you again !

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