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F18 Left Replica Panel Layout Part 2

So After some tinkering I have assembled the first beta Unit of the F18 Left Panel Controller.

I have decided I will be doing 2 versions of this unit, the first one shown here is the “WinWing Version”. There is no point having the Ext Fuel Controls if you have the F18 Hornet WinWing Taurus Throttle as you are doubling up, so this is a shorter version minus that.

Video Below showing the Beta WinWing Unit in Action.

One thing I will never be able to replicate is the “reset” of the Rud Trim, this is an encoder with 360 rotation when pushed it will obviously stay where it is, not much can be done with that. but you could push and rotate yourself back to centre.

Now the gain switch is guarded, and I’m not going to go that route, simply because If I did I would have to worry about a “switch” for it, which I’m not about to do at this stage. What I am thinking of doing whenever the switch is toggled it will auto toggle the guard if it is down.

ILS Channel needs to be “set” before loading the game but will mimic the in game positioning ok, but if you turn past 20 or 1 it will “lose its spot”.

This unit is the same dimensions as the Right panel but Oops I put the cable on the Right side! that will be fixed in the final version putting it on the left :):)

Now to finalise a bit of code for this and I’ll put up for subscription of interest. The full left panel is done, just currently working on a way to secure the APU addon panel to the Main Unit.

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3 thoughts on “F18 Left Replica Panel Layout Part 2”

  1. Your upcoming Left Panel Replica is also a must have for me. But, similar to Antonio, I have the WinWing Throttle base as well. So a version that doesn’t duplicate the WW switches fits my bill. I’ll order as soon as it’s available. Keep up the fantastic work guys.

  2. Awesome job as usual mate!
    Personally I like this version without the fuel part, and I don t need the APU as well, since I already have the winwing throttle base , can’t wait to have this one as well !

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