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F18 IFEI V2 Instructions

Instructions for the F18 IFEI Controller V2 (March 2023 Onwards with purple controller)

This unit comes with all the inputs as Joystick Button presses and Axis. Please go to the controller setup in DCS and manually map each button press and the Brightness Axis. If you need to test please use VKBJoytester to check the inputs are being registered as the unit does not appear in Windows Game Controllers

This allows you to use the unit with any game and there is no mode changing for the inputs.

If you wish for the displays and Jettison Lighting to work, you will be required to Install DCSBIOS.

By default the unit is loaded with support the HUB Version of dcsbios, you need to follow the instructions here to install it.


Once this is installed you will need to go to open the DCSBIOS Web page and go to Plugins and in the installation url below paste in https://github.com/tekcreations/TekF18V2 and hit Install 

Once this is done you will see the below

Please make sure you also go Tick and Delete the module-fa-18c-hornet Plugin

Also you will need to go to the export.lua file which is in $HOME\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Export.lua and ensure that the DCSBIOS line is at the very TOP

If you are successful when you load into DCS and are ready on the ramp, if you alt tab to the DCSBIOS Dashboard webpage the Virtual Cockpit connection should be green, as see below it is not, so there is an issue with the install of DCSBIOS


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