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F18 Left Aux Panel Pt1

So things have been a little quiet, I have been promised that my suppliers will be able to start shipping in the next few weeks, they are starting to come back but at limited capacity.

I have taken this time to do some work on R&D, I have very rudimently prototyped the displays for the UFC, Designed the Circuit for the Left Aux for the F16 (will update post later), but I have just finished spitballing the Hornet Left Aux Panel.

So I have gone through and worked out what I am thinking, The unit I am aiming to keep the size of the Hornet Multi Controller as there is not as many controlas s the Viper, after a bit of thought I’ve come up with the below draft.

There is a little bit of “dead space” here, not entirely sure if I need to add anything else but if you have any feedback drop me a message I’d love to hear it!

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