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F18 Landing Panel Part 1

Had a bit of time whilst working on a few things with the left panel replica panel so work has begun on the F18 Hornet Landing Panel. Going to keep it simple a relatively compact unit with keeping as close to a replica layout as possible.

For teh landing Gear I went for a 3 position guitar switch as it gives a nice “throw” vs just using a toggle switch. Unfortunately rotation won’t be possible.

The Park Brake is a push poll potentiometer so it should work out quite well.

I had a bit of space and it seemed a shame to waste it, was at a bit of a crossroads with what to put there but with the ECM for this one. when in production, this can be omitted or changed to something else as requested.

I am currently working on the Select Jett Knob, and it will have push functionality. as far as the park brake and Gear handle I won’t be offering anythign fancy there, just a knob for park brakeand maybe something simple for gear. This is a bit more of an undertaking but can be an optional thing later…

Now back to that left panel!

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4 thoughts on “F18 Landing Panel Part 1”

  1. Nice!!..can t wait to have this one as well.
    My only remarks is that for me having ECM there is not that immersive, i would prefer to have a dedicated panel button for that ,to be placed below the 3rd MFD 🙂


  2. Hi Kieron:

    Hope all is well. Just received your text message announcing restock of your HUD Controller. Have placed my order and will be looking forward to receipt of the unit. Again, I’m really pleased with my F-18 right panel, UFC and, standby instrument cutouts. Please also add me to your list for your Landing Gear project.

    Best regards and keep us flying,

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