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F18 Hornet UFC Part 7

Ok, after refreshing the DHL Page frantically every day it seems that it is like watching toast and doesn’t speed things up.. But it finally arrived!.

Time to Assemble the V3 beta of the F18 UFC USB Controller

After a bit of anxious soldering I plugged it in and realised Thankfully I managed to correct the wrong datasheet data and we have working option displays!

You can see below the video showcasing the V3 Beta in action. As before when you are on a channel greater than 10 I am turning on the Decimal point.

Now with the Option cues I decided to turn on all the decimal points! I think it worked out quite well without the ability to custom design a display to have them in the correct position.

Getting to the finish line now, All I need to do is cleanup some code and do some more testing.

One thing to look at is the brightness, I am able to turn off the scratchpad but having issues with the Option and Com Displays.

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