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F18 Hornet UFC Part 2

So I have been quiet for a little while, I’ve been finishing off the F16 Right replica panels (Blog to finish up soon) but I have also been working out the LCD displays.

Well the units I have been waiting for finally arrived china and I have come up with what I am going to do.

I have decided firstly, the unit will be back-lit as per the F16 ICP, that is a definite go ahead on that one, the next thing with the scratch pad I have made a decision to go for a 6 digit display. The decimal point will be used for the frequency.

Now I thought I had a winner with the 16 Segment 4 digit displays, but unfortunately with them arriving, they are just too damn big. Using these would mean I would have to make the unit MUCH larger than the real thing which isn’t what I am looking at doing.

A picture below of the 6 digit Display lit up, and a picture of the 4 digits I got showing how big they are.

So now I have decided I am going full swing ahead with all units by default will come with back-lighting, and no displays (for the VR crowd), but the the 6 digit Scratchpad will be optional.

What I am doing though is with the failure of the larger displays, as I know exactly what size display I will use and how I want them to be implemented I will engineer the design for this. It will be an add in PCB that will be developed at a later stage and can be added into the earlier models.

Now I have that sorted and I have cut the top MDF for sizing, time to start working on the PCB and enclosure, More pics to come soon now Xmas is behind us I just have to survive New years and it will be hard at work 🙂

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