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F18 Hornet UFC Part 1

With the F16 ICP finished, the next step is to start working on the F18 Hornet UFC.

I have started to have a bit of a noodle, on it and started to make some design choices.
Firstly I am going strictly 2.5D, For the bottom row of buttons and Comm select rotaries the extra effort involved to get them realistic is not worth it so everything will be on the same level. However I definitely am going to be doing the Bezels, this is important for going by feel and will add some depth to the unit.

The Measurements I have and are using is 183mm Wide, 157mm High. If anybody has an exact measurement for the panels I can use please pass them on 🙂

A rough render is below showing the look I will be going for.

I have been trying hard to source Decent 4 Digit 16 and 6 Digit 7 segment displays, but despite receiving some samples and testing, when it came to order the china suppliers became very problematic.

Based on the above, and the costs involved of working Displays I have decdied, at least initially to go for a Functional switch unit without displays. This will keep the price down, and me suitable for those in VR anyway.

As part of the design I will try and make it so that I could provide “add in” modules later for Displays, but I think this might be a bit more trouble than it is worth again, but it will still be in my mind.

With the lack of Displays and going for a Tacile only unit I am wondering if I even go to the bother of backlighting this version as well, I will see what impact it will have on the design as i go on.

next i am going to start looking at how I am going to do the enlosure for this, once thats done I will start cutting out in MDF for test fitting and go from there.

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