F18 Hornet UFC Display Firmware Update 1.8A

For all those who have a TekCreations F18 UFC with displays I have released a new firmware to fix a few bugs and also extend a new mode for Harrier UFC functionality.

Please note, this has no impact on VR models, only upgrade id you have a display model.
This will work on all UFC models up to V1.5X only! (shown on bootup).

Some changes include fixing ON OFF functionality for Tacan ILS etc, also some changes to waypoint entry as well to show Cardinals.

The new feature is Harrier Mode, push and hold the Com2 Encoder down and push 3 to switch to this mode. This will still require DCSBIOS for the Displays, but al the buttons and encoders present as a HID joystick. the reason for this is each person will want to configure it different for the harrier I imagine so map it as you please in the control config.

The Firmware file is availabe here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aZS31YUCqT6Tr6J5Wbdwj5tBHWlazLre/view?usp=sharing

The instructions to follow are here https://tekcreations.space/how-to-reflash-firmware/

Happy flying!

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