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F18 Hornet HUD Controller Prototype

Next up on the block we have the first Prototype of the F18 Hud.

The shape of this panel has a profile on it thats not rectangle. Now I did have a swing at this shape but after much cursing I determined this was just not going to be feasible to do at any kind of speed. So we have the nice stock standard rectangle.

Now that meant we had a bit of spare space in the corners, the logical choice was to utilise this to add in our HDG and CRS toggles.

The height of the UFC is 50mm, for the HUD Enclosure I have gone 40mm to give it the difference in depth. As always it will be backlit and controlled by the in game controls.

I did originally envision being able to daisychain the HUD off the UFC Panels Controller but I unfortunatley ran out of pins and this just wasn’t feasible at the time. So this unit has its own USB Port.

With this panel I don’t know how I am going to do the DCSBIOS/HID mode shift as I have controls that are likely to be used in flight. I’ll come back to that.

I am currently awaiting a final PCB for this unit to arrive and I will be able to start production. See below a video of the Prototype in Action.

As far as the UFC for those who are interested, I am releasing the full units in the wild now, but it is a bit of trickle at the moment, one of the IC’s is in limited supply so it is taking time sourcing it plus these units do take more time to assemble vs the others.

I am working my way through the subscribed list notifying as their time comes up.

So Subscribe to register your interest for the UFC to get in the queue.

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