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F16 Right Panel Controller

So after completing the Right Hornet Panel, and having the F16 ICP already complete it was only fair the Viper got some love with its own Right Panel.

I went through and made some design decisions, and based on the Practicality / use of some controls and the Size limitations (this bad boy was getting big quick) I decided to drop of some panels. The ones that didn’t make the Cut is the AirCond, KY58 and Oxygen Panels.

Even with this reduction of panels, the box came in at a hefty 375mm Long. The plate has a split in the top plate where the direction of the panels change, I tried and experimented with a full plate but it just wasn’t workable unfortunately.

Below are some shots of the finished product.

A video of the unit in action is available below

Currently there is an issue with the GPS toggle in DCSbios itself not the panel, but I am hoping it is able to be sorted out soon before I start releasing the unit into the world very soon.

The detailed link to the product is here  https://tekcreations.space/product/f16-viper-right-replica-panel/  however orders are not open just yet whilst I finalise a few things. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

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