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F16 Left Aux and Misc Panel Pt1

So unfortunately UFC has been delayed and my stock running low due the Corona Virus running rampant in China. I have taken this time to start doing more design work and see what is next.

Something I think thats going to be next is the F16 left Aux and Misc Panel Controller

So I have gone through and worked out what I am thinking and after a bit of though and keeping the controls as close to a replica layout as possible to suit VR use whilst still mashing them into a single unit that can sit on your desk near your throttle, after a bit of work we come up with the below draft.

I have made the ADV Mode a momentar toggle but the Mer Stores jettison will so definitely be a big button. Also the DN Lock may be a button as well. The LG will be a toggle, but i am awaiting stock for a few things to see if I can jimmy together some kind of gear lever (No promises here as I feel it would mean I have to make the height of the unit a lot bigger)

Now Initially I want to keep the unit the same as the F18 Right panel this is 311mm x 152mm. as you can see this leaves us a bit of room at the top area.

Now an option I can do is just make the unit smaller, but it would be easier to keep the enclosure the same. Perhaps I could look at squeezing in 3 RWR controls somewhere? Maybe an F-ACK and master Caution reset instead?

Not entirely sure and I will keep procrastinating on it, but if you have any feedback drop me a message I’d love to hear it!

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