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F16 Landing Panel Controller BMS Firmware Update

For all those who have Ordered a TekCreations F16 Landing before 13/05/21 I have released a new firmware which also includes functionality for BMS Gear LED’s to be sent to the unit with F4toserial https://f4toserial.com/

There is no need to apply this if you are happily using DCSBIOS mode.

The Firmware file is available here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DHOSUs6_3n0s7qUtYwRP3UL7mFLJMzWR/view?usp=sharing

The instructions for the flashing are here https://tekcreations.space/how-to-reflash-firmware/

This video shows how to setup f4toserial at the end

Happy flying!

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1 thought on “F16 Landing Panel Controller BMS Firmware Update”

  1. Just went through this upgrade successfully! The documentation is spot on. My additional notes:
    1) Disable or turn-off all your other USB devices so you only see 2 COM ports in the device manager.
    2) The speed of the change COM ports was a bit of a challenge. twice I was slow and tried flashing which hanged the xloader.exe
    3) Once you anticipate the changing COM ports like the video then all works quickly per documented/video instructions.

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