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F16 ICP Project Log Part 3

Whilst awaiting some parts I went back to the drawing board on my original design

Firstly the Design has been modified so the USB Port is at the back. this presents a much cleaner option.

Also based small change was added where the keys were rounded as seen here

Lastly I have made a change that no longer requires a Potentiometer to adjust the brightness.
This is shown here by holding the WX Key and using the dobber up and down to change the brightness in stages.

Some of the latest orders and all Future orders for the ICP will include this feature.

As you can see in the pictures, the positioning of the text is sometimes a little wonky, I do the best I can, but this stage I have not found a better way to get it aligned. Overall it still looks great, but one of the foibles I have yet to overcome.

I will update on that once I have a noodle on it hopefully.

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