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F16 ICP Project Log Part 1

The next thing Tekcreations is working on is the F16 ICP Panel

So far I’ve worked out the buttons, they are 1.6mm engraved ABS that I have glued to 4.5mm Opal acrylic, then glued to 3mm acrylic for the lip to hold in place. This gives me the height I am looking for in my unit for the keys. .

These keys will be going into a Middle plate, made of Opal Acrylic that will be used to diffuse the light evenly.

On top of that plate we of course need some engraved text! this is where the holes are a tad smaller on this which “captures” the keys with their “lip”

I have made up a PCB for the unit, and a self contained enclosure, currently MDF whilst Prototyping
More pics of this to come soon.

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