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F16 Caution Panel Instructions

Welcome to your new F16 Caution Panel

Unless you contacted during the build process the unit comes as a DCSBIOS Unit and requites it to be installed for DCS https://dcs-bios.readthedocs.io/en/latest/installation.html.

The Unit is also able to be functional within Falcon BMS using F4toserial. https://f4toserial.com/

I have provided a config file for it HERE, but it won’t work straight off the bat as each PC has a different com port, this is setup for my com21. You need to add your own com port and remap the lightbits to that new com port. I will provide an instruction on this at a later date when I get some time.

Firstly the unit needs to be flashed to BMS mode, the latest firmware is here DOWNLOAD F16 CAUTION V1.1 FIRMWARE

In the zip file there is Xloader the program to use and 2 hex files, firmwarebms and firmwaredcs (self explanatory what is what). The Instructions to follow is here https://tekcreations.space/how-to-reflash choosing which hex file you want.

Hopefully soon I will be releasing a config tool that you can run on windows to change the devices mode, and also be able to adjust the brightness , All customers will be contacted when I have worked this tool out.

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