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DCS F18 Hornet Cockpit Panel Toggle Box Part 3

So the First incarnation of the F18 Hornet USB Controller was designed as a “multi box” combining elements from both the left and right panel.

Now the next step is making a Right Replica panel. This will mean the 3 Elect Panel Switches, Environmental Panel, Interior Lights panel and the Sensor Panel.

The layout of these will be replicas of the real right panel, so the positioning will be perfect for those relying on Muscle memory, IE VR Cockpit Pilots.

After some work this expanded the size of the Panel Box out to 310mm high, and still keeping the standard 152mm wide.

Went through an did a dry fit of the toggles and Potentiometers (currently awaiting more rotary switches)

Then I throw the Top engraved panel on, this still has masking tape on at this stage to help keep it protected from my grubby fingers, but you can still see quite clearly the layout.

Seems a bit more work to do as a few leds aren’t shining in the right spot. I will also be raising the plate 3 mm, this will help diffuse the backlight more and reduce the hotspots.

Once I get the rotaries in I will be able to get back to it and finish this bad boy off.

In the mean time I’m starting mock up an idea for a F18 UFC panel to complement this next.

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