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DCS F18 Hornet Cockpit Panel Toggle Box Part 2

I have been continuing the process of adapting my generic toggle box and expanding on it to make it a larger unit with specific Cockpit Controls for use DCS F18 Hornet. I am at the stage now the unit is basically feature complete

So after a bit of playing around I got my PCB’s for the 8 way rotary switches in, no way did I want to deal with 8 Inputs just for a rotary switch.

The PCB is setup with 7 Resistors bridging the pins of the switch with VCC GND input, and a single Analog out. from the centre pin.
I have a new solder rework station now, so instead of the frypan I used previously for SMD soldering, I am using the heatgun which is much more useful 

Once soldering on we are left with the below.

One thing I will incorporate on a future PCB build will be some onboard LED’s to avoid any shadows caused by the PCB.

It took a little noodling to get my Arduino code right for the Resistor Ladder, but now I have it sorted these work a treat using just a single analog port.

Now they are in, I have got the Box fully assembled and tested and working a treat with DCSBIOS.
There is a little lag with the webcam recording so the delay is quite minimal from when the switches are flicked.

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