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A10 CDU Upgrade

There is an Upgrade available for the A10 CDU, please note there is a firmware for those with the full unit with displays, and for those with the DIY kit the Arduino Firmware can be applied as well

A10DCS Display Upgrade
This fixes some issues with the Steer Pt and Page rotary switches causing some ghosting. This is applied to the port that the Display is on.

Ensure only th Display port USB is plugged in
Instructions to follow are here https://youtu.be/vSTAmiX-Vb4
Firmware to download is here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtANFY-RIM2OjI1jvzZ3lt4zwD-4HQ?e=yhWHD7

Upgrade for Arduino Controller (can also be applied to the DIY Kit)
Fixes a small bug, and for DIY peoples this adds DCSBIOS functionality as well
Ensure only the Control USB is plugged in, Instructions to Follow are here https://tekcreations.space/how-to-reflash-firmware/

Download the firmware here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtANFY-RIM2OjI1lobXuB5hQ7UYT6A?e=wEauq9

WItht his firmware it is possible to change modes, hold PREV and push 1 for DCSBIOS mode, press 2 for HID Mode. To adjust the backlight brightness hold PREV and press DIM or BRT.

Any issues let me know.

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